Why Memeoirs

By bringing your online conversations back to paper Memeoirs gives you the opportunity to convey the timelessness and profundity of your ideas in a book.

The exchanges with your loved ones deserve a beautiful vessel to take them across the Ocean of Time. Print them in a medium that is up to par with the depth and breadth of your feelings.

Chats with friends on whatsapp, backed up into a groovy book. Export your emails, facebook chats and whatsapp to pdf. Hardcover Memeoirs book made with romantic emails between a loving couple Close up of a print of Facebook chats
How it Works
  • Memeoirs does it for you

    Tell us who you want in your book and when your conversations took place, and we'll do the hard work for you. Getting your messages on Memeoirs is essentially automatic and straightforward. Your messages are filtered and cleared of redundant content, such as long signatures or reply quotes.

    Whatever service you choose to make your Memeoirs with, the conversations will be neatly laid out in chronological order. Each chapter of your book will be a season of the year.

  • Your book, delivered to your doorstep

    There is no need to forward emails or copy / paste content; based on your choices, Memeoirs selects your conversations, so you don't have to. Create a truly unique book by designing your cover and choosing one of our preset layouts.

    When you are happy with your Memeoirs we will ship one printed copy to your doorstep, no matter where you live in the world. Of course you can order 2 or more copies. You can also get a digital version of your book.

Prices & Options

The prices below are for orders of a single Memeoirs. A special discount applies for multiple copies of the same book. Contact us for orders higher than ten copies.

  • sample photo of square book

    Coffee Table

    49.90 $

    The Coffee Table gives full color to your mobile chats, the photos being rendered beautifully on glossy paper. There's no better way to relive those epic moments.

    8.5 x 8.5”
    Colored photos on glossy paper
    Dust Jacket

  • sample photo of hardcover book


    39.90 $

    The Hardcover gives an elegant touch to more long-form exchanges. It's closer to the novel of your life.

    6 x 9”
    Heavy paper, hard cover
    Dust Jacket

  • sample photo of paperback book


    29.90 $

    The simplest way of publishing your messages, the Paperback is lightweight and versatile.

    6 x 9”
    Perfect bound
    Laminated cover

  • sample photo of digital book


    9.90 $

    Get your conversations in a digital format. Delivered instantly, enjoyed anywhere.

    High Resolution
    PDF File

Production & Shipping

We ship worldwide, using regular post or FedEx delivery. We charge no fee for regular shipping, while expedite shipping with FedEx is assured for a flat rate. Always account for the production time of the book, as described below.

  • USA

    Regular Post


  • Europe

    Regular Post


  • Elsewhere

    Regular Post


Estimated Shipping Time

USA - Avg. of 15 working days. Europe - Avg. of 10 working days. Rest of The World - Avg. of 15 working days.



Fixed Rate

20.00 $

Estimated Shipping Time

3 - 5 working days

Delivery Time

The average duration of the manufacturing of a book is 5 working days. This duration should be added to the shipping times above for the total time it takes to deliver your book.

Absolute respect for your data

We are keenly aware of the trust you place in us and our responsibility to protect your privacy.

Your password is never seen, nor stored at any time

You log into your Email or Facebook account (by using a technology called OAuth), without the need to insert your password on our site.

None of your data is stored or read, your accounts remain untouched

Only the relevant content of your Email or Facebook is processed, matching your choice of contacts and time period, and we do not hold on to it. Also, the digital version of your book is stored only until we are sure your Memeoirs has been delivered to you. After that, your Memeoirs is removed from our system. No change is made to your personal accounts. Nobody but you will be able to read the content of your book, as this is a 100% automated process. Your personal information is not used for commercial means.

State of the art security technology

With years of experience in handling sensitive data, we guarantee security for you and your contacts. To make sure no one eavesdrops on that information we encrypt it using state of the art SSL technology. You can check the security certificate on the address bar of your browser at any time during the making of your book. Our payments are processed by trusted and standard institutions, Paypal and Paymill. Your payment details are never seen by us, only by these institutions, and they do not store that information, they use it only once to process your payment.

You can find more info about your privacy on the Terms and Conditions.

The Morrisons

The Morrison family is scattered across several states. They keep in touch via a WhatsApp group they created 2 years ago. Each day, they share funny messages, random photos and their varied and general antics. The conversations of three generations of Morrisons are in one special place.

As Christmas was approaching, grandpa John decided to offer a unique gift to the whole family. This gift was to turn their special chats into a book to cherish for years to come.

Tim & Sally

Tim met Sally while they both lived in New York. Tim is now working in San Francisco, but sends Sally an email religiously every week.

Sally is finally moving to California and because it is their anniversary, she is taking a very special book along with her.

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