Frequently Asked Questions

Memeoirs is the place to render your communications eternal. Use it to gather and make the book of the most relevant online exchanges with your loved ones.

Your Memeoirs is made by selectively publishing the messages and pictures from your contacts that fall into the time frame you choose. In the case of emails, newsletters, account activation e-mails, and all that non-personal mailing will be discarded for you. Also, we try our best to purge the body of the e-mails of redundant content.

You can further make your Memeoirs yours by choosing a style that fits you, creating a fitting cover and adding some context. Once you are satisfied with your book we will produce it and ship it to your doorstep for free. Like re-experiencing the story of your life on an e-reader? Get the digital version. You will be able to inspect a preview that matches the final content of your book, before you order.

Visit our Learn More page for a more detailed explanation.

Besides Facebook and WhatsApp, we currently support GMail and Hotmail (now called Some email providers allow you to import your messages into a GMail account, from where you can create your Memeoirs. Read on.

We ask you to choose one or more contacts and a time period. The messages printed will always match this choice. So you can print all the conversations you had with your partner in the year of 2010, say. Currently you cannot choose which images go into the book.

The messages are sorted chronologically with each chapter corresponding to a season of the year.

No, they are not. Our system is able to identify the relevant body of the message (vs. redundant content), and keep just that. In the process footer ads or recurrent lengthy signatures are also removed.

On the preview tab you will see how your book looks like. Although it is low resolution, that preview already matches the final version of your book, the one that will be sent to print. In case you spot something missing, you can change your selections to make sure you end up with the book you idealized.

Our system will look for your received and sent messages, in particular in your Inbox and Sent Mail folders. Make sure the messages you are missing are in those folders, and make sure they are not archived.

In case you are trying to make a book with a Yahoo account you have just imported into GMail, make sure you followed this procedure during the import.

You might also have to activate IMAP access to all folders in your Mailbox that contain relevant messages (and not just some), as described here.

Lastly, if the content of your book is still not the one you have in mind, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you out.

The most likely explanation is that IMAP is disabled for your GMail account. To enable IMAP follow these instructions. If you have a Google Apps account you might need to ask your IT administrator to enable it for your company.

Once IMAP is enabled logout and log back in again. If you still get no contacts please contact us.

We print books ranging from 20 to 450 pages.

You can print a book with just one message, but that would hardly be a conversation, wouldn't it? The number of messages you can fit in a book depends on the length of each message. You can try creating a book, and see if you have too many to go beyond the 450 page limit.

Try limiting the number of messages that go into the book by shrinking the time period.

Currently Memeoirs only prints images if they are in a WhatsApp conversation. 1-to-1 or group. In the future we will include images from other services as well. Stay tuned.

Currently Memeoirs works with email, Facebook and WhatsApp. In the future we will be expanding to other kinds of services. Stay tuned.

Most certainly not. We do our best to keep your Memeoirs free from unwanted content like replies, spam or those lengthy forward chains. Most forwarded messages get filtered in the process.

If you want to make a Memeoirs with a Yahoo account, you have to first import your emails in one of our supported providers. You'll find a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve this here.

We got you covered, too. Essentially you will need to import the messages to a GMail account. Here is a lengthy explanation.

Yes. You can import all your accounts into one GMail account, and create your book with that account. You can learn in more detail how to here.

Memeoirs connects to your mailbox or Facebook account and creates a book from the available messages. Unless your messages are in a mailbox from one of our supported providers, or on Facebook, we cannot create a book for you. The exception to this is WhatsApp, where you'll be able to create a book with a conversation you have emailed to yourself in the past.

Yes, you can choose a title, a description and the two pictures in the back and in the front covers. After you generate your preview you can’t manually edit your content (move or remove messages), you’ll have to do it before uploading your conversation to Memeoirs. You can move the emails that you don’t want in your book to the trash folder (and then move them back to the Inbox), delete Facebook messages before you download your archive or delete WhatsaApp exchanges and pictures directly from your mobile (making sure to have them saved).

Yes. Memeoirs fully supports languages with latin characters, and it has been thoroughly tested in English. So, unless you have a Greek pen friend, or a lost Russian cousin, you should be good. Nonetheless, full support for internationalization is also coming.

The process of generating your Memeoirs is fully automatic, which means no human intervenes in the creation of your book. Memeoirs does not store any of your data permanently, including your login credentials, your messages or your contacts. None of your personal information will ever be used for commercial purposes.

We value our privacy immensely, and respect yours accordingly. Abusing your data in any way would strongly violate the on-line principles we believe in, and stand for.

Read more on our privacy section.

The printing of the book takes from 3 to 8 working days. The delivery with FedEx will take from 3 to 5 days, and with regular post an average of 15 working days, depending where you are in the world. Here is a more detailed overview. If you ordered a digital version of your book, you should be able to download it after instants from placing your order. You will receive a confirmation email containing a link to your e-book.

Yes, we offer worldwide shipping. Visit the Learn More page for info on shipping.

You’ll have to download your Facebook archive (in English), extract the "messages.htm" file inside your archive and upload it to Memeoirs platform. Then you’ll just need to select the contact or the contacts and the time period that you want to appear in your book. It’s easier to do than to explain: start creating your book here, select Facebook as a source and make sure to follow the simple steps indicated. For a more thorough explanation, please refer to our guide.

No, at this stage you can only have emojis on your Facebook book, but we will be adding more features going on, so stay tuned.

You’ll have to create a new book and choose WhatsApp as a source. You’ll then go to the WhatsApp chat you want to appear in your book and send it to the univocal email address indicated in the explanation. When sending your conversation, you can choose to send it with or without media. If you choose “attach media”, the pictures will be placed in the exact spot of the conversation. Memeoirs system will tell you if the import was successful and how many messages and pictures you have imported. You will then be able to select the conversation and the time period that you want to appear in your book and generate a preview. Looks complicated? Don’t worry, you’ll find a step by step procedure on how to send your WhatsApp chat here.

The quantity of messages and pictures on your Memeoirs book depends on the size of WhatsApp back-up file. When you’re sending out your WhatsApp conversation from your mobile, this is processed backwards: from the day you are sending it up until your email provider's limit size of attachments (25Mb for GMail, 10 Mb for Hotmail). Pictures and other media (like for example videos and audios that will not show up in the book) take up much more space than text and will therefore determine the size of the email and the length of the time period of your conversation on Memeoirs.