The story of Memeoirs has come to an end, we are no longer accepting orders. You can read more about it on our blog.

Give your conversations the attention they deserve

Keep all your most precious memories of you and your family in a beautiful hardcopy book.

Keep your Email, Facebook or WhatsApp conversations forever in a book. Hard copy or digital, you choose.

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Julie (US)

"My grandmother kept a daily record starting the year she got married in her 20s until her 100th birthday. My Memeoirs is a bit like my daily record."

Flavia (Brazil)

"I simply looooved our book!!! I gave it as a present to my now husband, and he was incredibly surprised! He thought it was a simple photobook."

Our Books

Each Memeoirs is perfectly bound and produced using the latest digital printing technology. High quality Munken paper is used for the interior, providing the touch of a real, bookshop book.


The paper used in making our books is sourced from sustainable forestry projects.

"If you want to make it snazzy, you can leave the binding to the pros."


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